MyInterview is changing the recruitment process, by providing innovative solutions that match candidates with employers.

The MyInterview Video Apply Widget brings candidates' resumes to life. An innovative recording experience gives candidates the chance to introduce themselves in a more authentic way.



The widget works both on desktop, tablet and mobile.


Integration, Customization and UX. We made sure every step is super easy.

Backed by science

We are working with UX designers and psychologists to deliver the most authentic experience.


One-liner JS

Simply add the widget to any online form

Fast integration

In less than one hour, you can fully integrate the video to your process.

HD Videos

See candidates in their best light using cutting-edge webRTC technology

Robust infrastructure

Using Amazon servers and CDN, we ensure top performance anywhere in the world.


We provide the highest level of protection for your videos

Guided process

We ensure that candidates present an authentic overview of themselves in a comfortable environment.

Why choose us?

Build loyalty

Soft skills are more important than hard skills when you recruit. You can now assess much more accurately if the candidate's character matches your company's culture, instead of focusing on skills that can be taught. A good character can be trained and nurtured : he will become your most loyal employee.

Authentic feel of the candidate

Cover letters aren’t always authentic, videos can’t be forged.

Removing the pain of first contact

Do away with the phone screen, myInterview is quick to review without the missed calls and untraceable records. Review it at the most convenient time.

Getting Started

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We are here to provide you with a tailored service to meet your needs.

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